Tunica ... Slots, Buffets & Golf

Today we moved from Hot Springs down the road a few hours to Tunica, Mississippi.

Blue hid under the recliner when we were packing up because he did not want to wear his seatbelt. Once he was corralled we hit the road and if the price of gas is supposed to be keeping people off the road it was not evident. Woosh, woosh, woosh is all we kept hearing along with some incomprehensible mumbling from the driver’s seat.

Once settled in Tunica at the Hollywood the folks went up to the casino for some slots, whatever that is. Came back talking about changing our food to generic and cutting back on the biscuits.

Tomorrow they are off to the links style golf course that is part of the casino. The RV park backs up to hole number 10 where we wanted to leave a new “hazard” but the folks would not let us.

Mom made quesadillas with the leftover Margarita chicken, so she doesn’t have any new recipes to post tonight. She and Dad were mumbling something about how cool it was to be their own wireless wifi hotspot, whatever that is. It has something to do with their cellphone and something called the “Cradlepoint” and it lets them add to this blog even if the campground doesn’t have Internet service.

They’re such geeks…..

The Posse