The folks have been playing twilight (after 2pm) golf, we think to cover their high roller gambling losses at the $0.25 slots in the casino.

We can see the course from the RV, it’s a nice rolling hills links style course, very green and well maintained. We watched as dad hit shots way, way far off to the right into the tall weeds, guess he likes the extra challenge. Later we took a walk along the edge of the course nearest the RV park and hunted for lost balls for him to pick up and hit into the weeds another day.

Yesterday they went to the Tunica Riverpark. There is a river cruise you can take in a “boat” that looks like what you get when you combine a decommissioned tug boat and add a house boat on top. We guess it was supposed to be reminiscent of a paddleboat but something went wrong. This fine, under-powered vessel barely had enough power to move upstream against the current according to the folks, who only watched but did not partake. The name was “Tunica Queen”, but we think Tuna-can Queen sounds more appropriate (and if you say it fast, no one notices the difference).

They also went to the Museum and commented that it was nice but the exhibits weren’t tied together well. Mom wondered if it must have been something the casinos were required to put in place to provide something educational. Not sure that was a compliment or not. A walk on the ecotrail at the Riverpark was on the plan, but apparently this area has experienced a 10-year flood sometime in recent weeks (based on the marks on the pillars they have to show flood heights) and the entrance to the boardwalk over the wetlands portion was completely under water.

We also went to the local Piggly Wiggly for some needed vittles. Being the closest grocery store, we didn’t know quite what to expect. The fresh chicken feet and smoked pork tails in the meat case were very enticing but the prepackaged bag of pretzels and container of milk made the most sense in this very deep south grocery.

Today seems like a low-key day. We just came back in from our noontime hurry-up and it was HOT and HUMID out. Good thing we start heading north in a couple of days!