Closet Switch

This is a very simple update that I should have done a long time ago. I don’t know if this setup was unique to our coach or if its common.

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A/C Shroud

The plastic material that forms the AC cover / shroud tends to harden over time. They generally last 5 years, at which point they should probably be replaced, but who really tracks that.

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Water Bay Plumbing

Our old “quiet” loop on the AquaJet water pump was getting tired with age, just like any of the other plastic/rubber parts in and around the coach. We ordered two new quiet loops as it was recommended that a “loop” be on both the inlet and outlet side of the pump. RV Water Filter Store

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Dump Valve Replacement

Finally tackled this “job”. Overall not to difficult, took about 3.5 hours to do even with my broken big toe. I ordered the new valve bodies from Valterra T1003PBC 3” Valve Body for about $26 each.

The replacement process is pretty straight forward, here is a short outline of what I did:

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Blue Ox Towbar Maintenance

Time for some tow bar maintenance! Our Blue Ox Aventa LX has served us well, but was getting a bit stiff to move ball-in-socket and the arms, plus there were some creaks, squeaks and groans (Oh My) when any of them were moved.

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