Dump Valve Replacement

Finally tackled this “job”. Overall not to difficult, took about 3.5 hours to do even with my broken big toe. I ordered the new valve bodies from Amazon.com: Valterra T1003PBC 3” Valve Body for about $18 each.

The replacement process is pretty straight forward, here is a short outline of what I did:

  1. Dump the tanks. Level the coach and then level it dump side high as something always rolls downhill, and you want that away from where you are working.
  2. Remove the side panels, at least in my year coach, those panels cover the dump valves. Last time I had to remove the panels I had added an access panel to the lower area. That panel proved well worth the time to add as I was able to disconnect the water lines to the outside faucet and tank flush system as well as release the pull cables from the dump valves all through the access panel. At that point all that was needed was to remove the perimeter screws from the decorative panels and snake the lower panel out from the upper panel. This is going to be the worst part of the process for most.
  3. The dump valves are secured in place with 4 bolts, 11mm wrench size on mime. The pull cable “holder” had an additional 4 screws each to remove. Once all the bolts are removed, the front piping assembly comes right off.
  4. Pull off all the old gaskets and toss them with the valve bodies in the rubbish, preferably your neighbor’s :P
  5. Clean the gasket surfaces as needed, and set the new gaskets in place, they fit over the flanges so they stay in place.
  6. Lube the face of the gaskets (the section that will contact the valve body) with silicon grease. Will make them SMOOOOOOTH for a long time.
  7. Reverse the disassemble process. One important note is that bolts that go through the full stack of the flange + cable pull holder are longer bolts. What you get in the package with the new parts will not work for those 4 locations, so you have to reuse what you have or buy new.
  8. Since the pull cables were out, I loaded them up with a waterproof cable grease to keep them running smooth.
  9. Reassemble the side panels by any means necessary. Check the functions of all switches before you tighten it all down. Check that your water connections and dump connections don’t leak as well, fill your tanks, be brave :D
All the bolts have been removed, allowing the manifold to be separated
Line up the manifold with the new parts and bolts
All back together