Closet Switch

This is a very simple update that I should have done a long time ago. I don’t know if this setup was unique to our coach or if its common.

The light switches in our closets were the same style as on our external bay doors, they are original to the coach. To ensure that the plungers are depressed far enough, FT used screws in the door, which you could turn in/out to adjust the distance.

If you are thinking there may be some shortcomings to this finely designed system, your right!

  1. The adjustment screw would cut a “path” through the face of the plunger, requiring occasional readjustment to reset the distance.
  2. Eventually the adjustment screw wins and eats through the cap, requiring switch replacement.
  3. When closing the door, it provided for a fine metal on metal scraping noise.
  4. It really did not work all well :o
  5. It looked hideous
  6. See five

I wanted to replace these with some reed switches, and finally found ones that I liked for the job. The challenges in that location were

  • The gap between the switch and the magnet
  • Having a switch that was rated for at least 1Amp.
  • Available in brown as a bonus.

I choose Amseco AMS-38. Cost is ~$6 a set so not the cheapest reed on the planet and I know low cost is an important check item for some.

Well out with the old plunger, in with the new reed switch. Keep the magnets pointed in the right directions so they work with each other (these switches even provide arrows on the casing to help). These worked great for me but YMMV.