Yes, thats spanish for beans. Today we moved from the casino campground in Mississippi (aka Mississippipuppy) to the Bean Pot Campground in Crossville, Tennessee. This is just a stopover site for us, or so they tell us. That’s why Mom hasn’t put out the “bling” in the coach and why the car is still attached.

We had an “interesting” last day in Tunica yesterday. Mom and Dad gambled away another $20 on the slots, bringing their total losses to a bag and a half of Fromm. Geez, we hope this trend stops! After a dinner of HEB fajitas we watched as a guy with a fancy new Beaver motorhome demonstrated his complete lack of ability on how to drive a vehicle. It took him probably 8 tries or more to back into a site that Dad only took 1 move to do. Then late in the evening Mom’s “Nervous Nellie” fretting at a little wind made her bring in the awnings. Good thing - we had big thunderstorms and straight-line winds just a little bit later, the coach was a rocking. This morning we heard the winds had downed high-voltage lines up at Harrah’s. That casino was without power and no one could enter or leave the complex because of the power lines.

On the drive from Tunica to Crossville, the ‘rents listened to CD #1 of their learning Spanish package. Their pronunciation is atrocious! But maybe when they have finally listened to all of the lessons, they will know why, in the pre-drywall walk through, one of the studs in the house was marked “screw under raisin rat” and another had something about “nail triple mackerel” according to babelfish.

Tonight we got a bunch of linguini that was leftover when Mom made her linguini with white clam sauce. WE LOVE PASTA! bUrp!