Bedroom Mattress

You would think that the most difficult thing in replacing a mattress would be to dispose of the old one. In this case that turned out to be the easy thing to do, the difficult part was actually getting the old wildebeest out of the coach.

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Desiccant Packs

After paying almost $50 for a 4 ounce bag of indicating desiccant at FOT, we did some research to find some lower cost options. This desiccant is used on the outlet of the HWH pump to dry the air before its used.

The dry air can either go to the slide bladders / accessory tank and more importantly to the main air tanks. In our era coach, there is a driver switch to enable filling the main air tanks from the HWH pump, when doing so you really want dry air.

In our research we came came across the following:

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Driver Seat and Carpet

We had the FOT team (David F, Michael G. and Larry) do a little remodeling for us. We had our driver and passenger chairs replaced with new Villa ones. The covering is ultraleather Brisa in “bridle”, a distressed Brisa (but only subtly so). Since we had charcoal/black as other accents in the coach (like the window valences and the piping on the sofa arm inset), we specifically ordered black seat belts.

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HWH Solenoid Valve Rebuild

This is the valve that sits at the bottom of the first filter bowl. It is normally open and closes when the HWH pump turns on to level or refresh the slide room bladders. When the pump turns off, it opens to purge any filter “capture” which is why it can get filled with debris over time. The HWH part for the one I have is RAP6354 its for the TA-4101 compressor

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In Dash Touch Screen

This is a nice little hacking project for all the tinkerers out there. I replaced our double din radio / cd combination with a 7” touch screen monitor attached to a netbox. This will run VMSpc (among other things) with the in-dash monitor to create our own advanced driver information center.

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